Streaming Analytic Software Development
Batch Analytics Processing

GliaCell's expertise is in building Streaming Analytic and Cloud solutions through software development employing languages such as JAVA, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala, Go, and many others. Our engineers are Apache Spark and Cloudera Certified and experienced in Hadoop, Hbase, Map Reduce Batch Analytics, Apache Accumulo, Apache Spark, and many others. GliaCell is experienced and proficient in following the Agile development methodology and in following the Scrum principles.

Streaming Analytic Software Development: Experience implementing successful solutions for our clients using real-time analytics through the use of Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processsing (CEP) technolgies. Practical experience using IBM Streams, Esper, Twitter Storm, Apache Spark and various other industry standard technologies.

BigData/Batch Analytic Processing: In-depth knowledge of and experience working with large NoSQL solutions, virtualization, and storage. Software development experience with Cloudera products and tools, Hadoop, Hbase, Map Reduce Analytics. Familiarity with Apache projects such as Apache Accumulo, Apache Thrift, Apache ZooKeeper, etc. Experience and practical implementation of key/value stores, sorted key/value stores, distributed key/value store, and Google's Big Table design.

Cyber Security Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Malware Analysis

GliaCell's expertise in Software Engineering within the Cyber Security domains focuses on CNO Reverse Engineering, CNO Analyst and Tools Development, and Embedded Software Development.

In-depth knowledge of and experience with debuggers and disassemblers, familiarity with executable formats such as ELF and PE, X86 and X86_64 platform, C and assembly, experience with linux kernel and device drivers, scripting in python and perl, and working knowledge of common protocols/standards such as TCP/IP, SNMP, H.323, SDHJSONET, ATM, MPLS/GMPLS, Ethernet, Carrier Grade Ethernet, DSL, SS7, ISDN, Q2931, B-ISDN, X.25, 802.11, 802.16, SIP, MEGACO, or MGCP, bit-level analysis, and more.

Software Engineering

GliaCell Technologies focuses on Software Engineering and Architecture. These are positions such as Architects, Application Developers, and Enterprise Software Engineers.

Experience in software development/engineering, including requirements analysis, software development, installation, integration, evaluation, enhancement, maintenance, testing, and problem diagnosis/resolution. Application development employing languages such as JAVA, C++,PERL, .NET, JavaSript, AJAX, JQUERY, XML, and SQL. Working knowledge of Agile development following Scrum principles.

Core Capabilities

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