About Us

GliaCell Technologies specifically focuses on Software Engineering in the Cloud and Cyber Security domains. We excel at delivering stable and reliable software solutions in both domains through the use of Agile Software Development principles, which provides us the capability to deliver quick turn-around iterative deliverables. Our specialties include implementing real-time solutions and analytics through the use of interactive applications and the integration of industry standard software stacks for both enterprise data intelligence and cyber security protection against network threats and exploits.

GliaCell Technologies has a tremendous outreach program, which gives us access to qualified and talented individuals who are respected experts in their field. GliaCell is currently supporting programs which are utilizing cutting edge distributed cloud architectures that provide real-time collection and analytic solutions. These tough to solve problem sets require the expert knowledge that GliaCell provides.

Core Capabilities

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Our name

Glial cells, also known simply as glia, are cells that provide support and protection for neurons in the brain. They are thus known as the "supporting cells" of the nervous system.

Main functions of GliaCell Technologies:

  1. to provide support and protection for our nation
  2. to supply innovation and expertise to our customers with implementation and support services
  3. to remain focused and diligent while assisting in the development of solutions for our customers top needs
  4. to remove roadblocks and solve tough problems with exceptional service